Caterpillar D8 Print


Caterpillar D8 Print. A Caterpillar bulldozer left to rust in a paddock on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.

Pasted the hanshita image ( sen-gaki ) onto the block and rubbed off its backing. A bit rough this attempt but OK to work with. It’s down to cutting the block now. After cutting this keyblock it was used to print 4 images on minogami again ( kyogo ), those to be used to plan the colours and subsequent cutting of 4 colour blocks. Now back to printing. What you see in the gallery below is the sequence of images printed with the five blocks to make up this print. Also some more photos taken on the plantation in Sumatra in the fifties, The Agricultural college in Deventer and the LAC plantation in Liberia where I worked in the seventies



Caterpillar D8
Original woodcut print using Japanese Moku Hanga technique.
5 blocks printed on Shin Hosho.
Edition of 100.
Paper size 23 x 15.7 cm. Image size 21 x 13.7 cm