This gallery is about linocuts. Most of the large size prints are inspired by typical views and what people do in their leisure time and at work, which in the area where I live in revolves around the growing of grape vines and producing wine

With a lot of choice timber offcuts available  as a result of being a woodworker and being handy with gauches and chisels, woodblock printing wasn’t far away. Initially my interest was the traditional Japanese method known as Moku Hanga, using just dried pigment, water and rice paste as a binder and very strong Japanese produced paper. Printing is done by hand using a baren. Later on I also printed western style woodcuts and of recent I’m getting into wood engraving as I had a windfall of boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) coming my way.

Before coming to France I worked in New Zealand and spent years living near and working in Auckland. A relative young city with a short history since European settlement. There were a lot of buildings and housing developement dating back to the Victorian and Edwardian times. With its very damp climate it was a constand battle to keep up all those predominantly  timber structures. but there is a determination to keep that history alive, but an equal determination of developers and councils to tear it all down. As a protest I started out making drypoint etchings of quaint buildings and beautyfull settings in the City. Now I progressed with using Edinburough mordant on copperplate doing intaglio etching.

From time to time I like to draw or paint, trying out different techniques like oilpainting, eggtempera or aquarelle.

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