Tivoli, Rue Fabre d’Eglantine

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The main route from Carcassonne via Quillan to Perpignan traverses Limoux via Avenue Fabre d’Eglantine. There are a lot of popular shops there. It is where often “vide graniers”, flea markets are held and during the end of the summer it is closed altogether for traffic during the evening hours to hold the annual “kermesse” with the sideshows everywhere between the majestic plane trees. On the side of the road are also the “Jeu de boule” courts. Extracted from Wikipedia this information about the name: Philippe François Nazaire Fabre was born in Carcassonne. d’Églantine was added to his surname in commemoration of a silver wild rose (Rosa rubiginosa, Sweet briar rose) he received from the Academie de Jeux Floraux at Toulouse. He was a popular poet, actor and playwright under Louis XVI, but active in politics during the French revolution, he voted to have the King beheaded. His own head rolled only a few years later when he was caught out lining his pockets by Robespierre. He acted cool during his trial and later on his way to the scaffold, singing “Il pleut, il pleut, bergère, rentre tes blanc moutons” and distributing handwritten poems to the people.

Image size 50 x 50 cm, printed on Somerset 250 grammes white. Variable edition of 50 prints.

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