Boat repairs, Refits and Restorations

Twelve foot dingy restored.

As a result of building a Swampscott dory I ended up with more marine work. “Shenandoah”, a magnificent three mast schooner of 1903 vintage was in Auckland for a refit. The refit was running a bit behind schedule, someone spotted a photo of the dory and cleared it with the main contractor that I could take on a few of the projects. One of them was the restoration of a twelve foot dinghy built in 1912. It was actually a registered class of racing dinghies built in the Netherlands. This one however was modified a bit as it sported a bowsprit to carry some extra sail. It was also in very bad repair, leaking like a colander, mast and boom needed replacing, some ribs and knees were missing or were cracked and all of it was sort of moving a bit. Anyway it was a rewarding project and after completing that one became involved in several more around the crew quarters and its deck house. Very nice working with was then a complete French crew.

After that I had some more marine work from time to time. It was nice to work in such an environment.

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