Questions and Answers

How will the prints be sent?

Small prints are sent flat in a bubble envelope with a four millimeter plywood stiffening board and protected by acid free paper.

Big prints, 57 x 76 cm paper size, will be sent in a roll. As the paper is heavy, 250 or 300 grams, you will have to be patient and just lay the roll down and let the paper unroll it self over a few days after which you can help it along gently and finally lay it flat under a sheet of card board or something like it. If you try to force it you may end up with creases which are near impossible to get rid of.

How about postage?

In mainland Europe the price for sending a print is about eighteen Euros. Sending it to the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand will be twenty five Euros. I have found found that the best way to get your print safely is to have it tracked with proof of delivery.

Larger prints may not fit in your mailbox or you may not be at home on delivery day, so please contact me so that we can discuss delivery details to make sure your print arrives in good order.

Will the prints look as good as on the photos on the website?

Your print will look even better in real life.

On your screen you can’t feel the texture and the grade of the paper and see its sheen, if it has one. It is hard to get these details across on a photo. Photos of prints are taken in good light, but out of direct sunlight and against an average colour background so the settings of the digital camera don’t get confused. Depending on the time of the day and prevailing atmospheric conditions, there will still be a possibility of variation in the “temperature and frequency” of the light. Your monitor colours may differ slightly to mine. Summing up, I try to get the colours used in the print and the colour of the paper as near to the real thing as possible.

How should the prints be handled?

As you would handle a valuable book or manuscript; with respect and clean, dry hands. 

Smaller prints are sent flat, but the big prints, 57 x 76 cm paper size, are sent in a roll. At 250 or 300 grams the paper is heavy, so let the paper unroll itself slowly over a few days. If you try to force the paper flat you may end up with creases which are almost impossible to get rid of. When it’s unrolled you can smooth it down gently and finally lay it flat under a sheet of  firm cardboard or something similar. 

How should I frame a print?

Print collectors usually store their prints in folders or in a drawer. If you choose to frame it I recommend using polycarbonate rather than glass. Also use a matt/passepartout, sufficiently deep to prevent the printed surface touching the polycarbonate.

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