Grapevine in Autumn Print


With wineries all around, seeing the beauty of it all, it only stands to reason to also translate it into images. I intend – over time – to make more woodcuts with viticulture as a theme. This series of pictures shows some of the stages how to create a woodcut print. This particular print was based on the Sauvignon Blanc grape vines growing at Matua Valley Wines in Waimauku, New Zealand. The very Winery who developed this wine and made it famous.

The woodcut was made with eight printing surfaces carved in six blocks. By turning a block 180 degrees, or use the back side, it can be carved again including registration to save timber when only small parts of the image need to be printed. First block printed is a background gradation to suggest fallen leaves on the ground achieved by applying different pigment mixtures in different amounts in different layers and brushed onto the block with a wide brush in only one single direction. The Japanese name for this exercise is Bokashi. The glistening shine can be seen on the block in the photo.



Image size 23.3 cm x 29.3 cm. Paper size 26 x 32 cm.
Printed on Shin hosho using Moku hanga technique. All water based pigments and ricepaste and Sumi for black. One key block and six colour blocks. Limited edition of 28