Tailler des Vignes


During the winter the vines need to be pruned. Hard and tedious work under quite often not the best of weather conditions. Just to keep in mind when you are having a glass of wine. Nothing comes easy.

Now in the south of France. Here the workers are usually lucky with the weather, but not always. There are times they have to work with very low temperatures and a howling wind to boot. Then they are wrapped up like Michelin men. This is their equipment. Battery powered secateurs and a little tree saw. And always the warning. “Watch your fingers!”

It took a while before I decided on its design. Not all grape vines look the same, but this particular one suited the print. On purpose I omitted the entire tangle of stakes and wires which supports the vines as It would have been distracting. Also I cut the vines in the back ground in such a way that they followed the rest of the cuts in the clear areas which is apparent in the print. What I was trying to show was the workers concentrating on their jobs and while in talking distance still with their own thoughts.

image size 31 x 31 centimeter, paper size 38 x 38 centimeter. Key block is cork lino the five colour blocks are plywood. Paper is 250 grams Somerset warm white.

copyright @ acwtenbroek



printed on Somerset warm white 250 grams. image 310 x 300 mm, paper size 380 x 380 mm. Keyblock is cork linoleum all the colour blocks are poplar ply.