Bed head with flowers

This is a bed head I’m making for a client who wished something a more feminine or flowery design. It also had to be sufficiently wide to be able to separate the beds or push them together.

I made the following design. Three imaginary flowers in a bunch spread asymmetrically across the background.

All segments are made of solid oak 27 mm thick, to be fastened to a 19 mm base. The initial idea was to have the background limed white; the stems dyed dark green and the leaves a lighter shade of green. The petals of the flowers to be sculpted and dyed a deep burgundy red. The hearts of the flowers are to made of ebony.

As the job progressed it was decided to drop the idea of using dyes. It seemed a pity not to enjoy the rich grain of the timber and the texture of the design.

These are some photos of this project.

Design and photos are strict copyright © to A.C.W.ten Broek 2013