Dahlia Print

My father was always keen on dahlias, but what work it was in Holland. Planting, protecting them from high winds, digging them up, drying and storing during the winter and next spring ordering new ones to replace the rotten ones. In New Zealand, i.e. Auckland, it is easier. You just leave them in the ground. Tough as old boots they reckon. What a beautiful flower this is with that mysterious velvety deep burgundy colour. I hope to put that in a woodcut too one day. Meanwhile a black and white print.

For the block I used solid kauri. It was printed on quite heavy Japanese paper called Kochishi (paper from Kochi). The colour is natural buff. For the ink I used waterbased black printing ink applied with a brayer to the block. It was handprinted with a baren. For more information please view the Gallery.

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