Welcome To ACW Woodcuts

WOODCUT PRINTS is what this site is about. I invite you to look at the prints I made, what inspired me and how I made them.

Following the menu there are pages about creating woodcuts made by and large along the traditional Japanese style called “Moku Hanga” with some modifications here and there sometimes. All steps are illustrated in various ways and will even make more sense when actually making one yourself. As well as I can, I try to show with photos and text while discussing some of the woodcuts how to make such a Moku Hanga woodcut.

Other than that I keep myself busy with painting, drawing, etching and drypoint.

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The carpenters workshop on the plantation was one of my favourite places to hang out when I was a child.

Yusouf was the carpenter always busy making the many pieces of equipment needed for work in the field or the factory. He showed me how he did things and we would swap the dutch and malay names for all the tools he used. It was just great to sit there between all the shavings and woodcurls and enjoy the smell of it.

In fact, a lot of the tables I made are based on the design of the beds baleh baleh he made for the workers. Anyway I guess that's what launched me into woodwork.


photography has always been a big part of my life. As a teenager I would take photo's at school parties and the occasional wedding celebration and even a local football team's official photo, all to finance the next packet of photo paper, film, chemicals or equipment.

Edouard Jean Steichen, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Breson just to name a few, were my heroes and I would drink in their images. Maybe that's why I still have a preference for black and white, for its expressiveness, the separation of tones and its contrast.

All images copyright © to acw ten broek