Limited edition woodcut prints

If you arrive at my website through this page, welcome to acw woodcuts. Please explore this and the following pages to find out about my woodcut prints. What makes me tick you can find in the about woodcuts page but it will also be evident from other pages in this website.

Each print currently has it's own page explaining what inspired me to make the print, how I did it, what I used and so on. Doing so it also shows some of the technique I use in general. Sometime in the future I will change that format somewhat.

Meanwhile, if you would like to know more about technique, you will find a link in Library and Links page which will take you to the Baren Forum web page. There you will find a wealth of information about anything to do with woodcut prints.


Every woodcut print in the gallery is an original print. The whole process, from design, drawing or tranferrring on to a woodblock and carving and printing is all done by me. The woodblock is used for the sole pupose of producing the desired image.

Of that woodblock I hand print an edition which, depending on the work involved, could be as many as 100 impressions but may well be limited to 20 or 30.  Every print has a number like 15/40 - indicating print number 15 out of an edition of 40 - title, date and my signature in pencil at the bottom.


woodcut print designs and any other artwork on the pages of this website are copyright © to ACW ten Broek 



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