One of the things I wanted to do is etching. What kept me from actually doing it was the fact that in order to etch you were required to use all sorts of concoctions involving hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and sodium chlorate; all of those to be handled with holy respect as they are extremely corrosive and in the process of etching emit fumes, capable of stripping off the lining of your lungs. I spent sufficient time in laboratories to know that the least requirement was a well ventilated fume cupboard for which at this moment haven’t got the room or the funds for.

Sooooo....after looking around on the net I found this gem  a web page from a Sydney based Printmaking Studio. Text is by Ad Stijnman.

He discusses a technique which was used sometime in the nineteenth century rediscovered by - among others - Cedric Green, who also has a website describing the technique which he has named Bordeaux etching; etching in zinc plate with copper sulphate which practically eliminates all aforementioned hazards.

Armed with a ten percent solution of copper sulphate, a solution of sodium bicarbonate, two flat glass dishes, a pair of rubber gloves and running water handy I set out to try this  and... great. It worked like a charm. Thanks very much.

On this page my first result. A pretty old vine I saw in the Barossa valley near Adelaide, printed on Stonehenge warm white 245 gsm with raw umber from Charbonnel. Image size is 157 x 110 mm. Also one of the City of Deventer from a photo I made, living there during the 1965 to 1969 years. Many dreams there, leading to different realities....

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