Before the phenomenon of the computer and mechanical press, prints were produced in another way.

Come to the South of France to learn and experience an age-old craft used by Durer in Europe and which Hokusai and Hiroshige perfected in Japan, and in which van Gogh and Lautrec found inspiration.

I have tried to organize cosecutive block courses, but that was trying to line up all the planets and the stars, so I dropped that concept.

From now on anyone who would like to try his or her hand(s) at relief printing - woodblock or linoleum, western or Japanese Moku Hanga method or drypoint technique can contact me.

Depending what you already know and can do we can negotiate time, duration and what you would like to do.

If you like I could then mail you an outline of what will be offered tailored to what has been discussed.

Best time would be anywhere from half March to end of October. November and early December are suitable as well, but it can get a bit chilly in the atelier.







Using a Baren in Moku Hanga style printing