Woodwork Ebéniste

I have worked with wood just about all my life. My first contraptions appeared when I was eight or so. I had a year's formal tuition in joinery at the agricultural college and experience with overseeing labour house maintenance while on the plantations in West Africa. Apart from that I am completely self-taught.

When building my roundsided Swampscott dory for example, I thought, dreamed, talked and read only about wooden boat building. The project won first prize in the NZ amateur wooden boat building competition. Someone saw pictures of it, which gave me the opportunity to be involved with a refit of the magnificent three mast schooner Shenandoah




I like to work with good quality solid timber and if it is required in the construction will use only top grade ply. Demolition timber can also be used to good advantage.

There are a few suppliers in the district where I can obtain oak, beech, chestnut, ash as well as several types of pine and spruce. Anything out of the ordinary has to be ordered in.

It’s not like when I used to live in Auckland, a million plus city with a thriving yacht building industry, where you could lay your hands on practically any timber, ply or veneer you fancied.  C’est la vie, but with a bit of perseverance I still manage to get what I need for the job.

Finishing is done with either polyurethane, Danish oil, shellac, paint or left bare, whichever is appropriate for the job or requested by the client.



Wineracks and bottle storage is something I have done a lot of. On my  Portfolio you can see a range of custom made furniture, marine fittings, boat building- and repairs, restorations etc.etc.

I used to live and work in Waimauku, north of Auckland, New Zealand. Now I'm living in Cambieure, Aude department, Languedoc-Roussillon, France, which is in the midst of the wineries of the Razes near Limoux. 

Please feel free to contact me by email via the Contact page.

I’ve been working in France since June 2008. I am registered with the Chambre des Metiers in Carcassonne as ebéniste
siret number 510 616 576

email  acwtenbroek@gmail.com  to discuss anything you like to have made, modified, restored and installed. 

You are also welcome to visit my workshop by arrangement to discuss any plans you have or to drop of some project that needs attention, like repairs or restoration. (Please call first)
contact me on 04 68 69 30 37

Je suis ebéniste. J’ai registré á le Chambre de Metier á Carcassonne. Siret 510 616 576.Si Vous avez quelque travail en bois je Vous souhais voire la page avec mon portfolio.  Vous pouvez contacter moi s’il Vous plaît par email acwtenbroek@sfr.fr   ou  acwtenbroek@gmail.com  ou tel 04 68 69 30 37