gramophone restoration

This gramophone belongs to someone whose father took it as part of just a few possessions he managed to save when the British vacated Burma as the Japanese army advanced. For years nothing was done with it. When it was decided to restore it, all the timber was riddled with woodworm and beyond repair.

Fortunately some mahogany ply was still available of exactly the same thickness of the original. The original logo was lifted out of the box after saturating it with resin to fill the cavities made by the woodworm and embedded in the new lid. All parts were cleaned and taken to an electro plating company to be replated. The motor was cleaned and serviced. When making the new box all the old factory identifications and stamped serial numbers were transferred exactly to the same positions on the new case. The deep maroon and black lacquer was faithfully duplicated.

The end result was a gramophone which looked like it would have done on the day it was bought.

The owner still had many 78 rpm records and the gramophone was used on the day of her daughter’s wedding. The bride was worried that the photographer seemed to be more intrigued with the gramophone than taking wedding photos.

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