sunflower print

Sunflowers are another passion of mine. Someone told me ages and ages ago never to sow sunflowers because "you will move". So I didn't and moved about 15 times after that. To put that myth to rest I sowed Sunflower seeds last summer and I enjoyed them every day right through their cycle. I will make more woodcuts about sunflowers in time. Check out "the Golden Mean",  phi 1.6180339887499.....and Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci from Pisa AD 1170 - 1250.

Now you can imagine how many seeds I had to carve, twice, as every seed had a light and a dark side to it and some veining. The key block is solid cherry and the two colour blocks are made of fijian kauri ply. I used pigments in water with a bit of rice paste and applied them with a brush. Printing was done with a baren. For a few prints I used Japanese paper. A heavy, natural buff coloured and textured paper called Kochish, the rest I printed on Arches 185 grams smooth. For more information please view the Gallery.  

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