Wine cellar print

This is going to be a wood block print made in the traditional Japanese Moku Hanga method. The size and format will be exactly the same as the “ Grapevine in Autumn “ print. Eventually there will be four prints in that series, all to do with wine and its production. Eight blocks have been used and a ninth one as a correction block.

Subject is a cellar viewed while visiting Adelaide a few months ago. This is the 2007 vintage Shiraz in the barrels. It appeals to the sense of order I so fruitlessly seek in my life to see all those neatly lined up barrels with their shining hoops and the rich colours of the spilled wine.

Below is the print.The print size is 23.3 x 29.3 cm (same as the grapevine in autumn print) printed on shin Hosho using one block to smooth the printing area, one key block, five grey blocks and two colour blocks. 

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