Current projects

Manuka etching press

21 Aug 2008

One of my projects during the last two years has been establishing a printing studio here in our new location. I ordered a printing press from Manuka machines in Christchurch, New Zealand. This beautifully crafted press has been set up in the atelier. A lot of work has yet to be carried out but we have had some fun here already. Apart from this Manuka etching press, there is also the small hydraulic press for small size etchings and another etching press given to me by a friendly local. This one still needs some restoration. Please check out this link to view the progress in the atelier and this link to a blog about what is going on.


Wood cuts, designing, carving, printing

5 Jul 2006

At the core of this website is, of course, the creation of wood cut prints. It's finding the time to do it which makes it interesting. Do I need to say more?