Current projects

propeller, etching on copper plate 40 x 50 cm

31 Mar - 5 Jun 2019

A childhood memory. A wooden propeller stacked in the kitchen in 1954 Tanah Radjah, a plantation in Deli, Sumatra. Absolutely no idea how that object ended up there as there wasn't an aerodrome within miles. It has always bedeviled me and probably I'll never find out. These are just two sketches drawn from memory which will be the basis for this etch. Biggest challenge will be depicting the lightfall through the floating dust.


Market scene, Lino-woodcut 50 x 50 cm.

1 Feb - 31 May 2019

One keyblock of battleship lino, one block of cork lino for shading and three plywood blocks to add some colour.

It is based on the popular market held every Saturday in Esperaza in the Aude Haute Vallée.

Just show a sketch to get a general idea.

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