Auckland images

This is a series of drypoint images and etches of buildings and scenes around Auckland which have caught my eye. I have come to appreciate the city’s historic architecture and links to its past.

There are beautiful townships, streets, nooks and crannies to be found in Devonport, Ponsonby, Freeman’s Bay, Parnell and many more. Areas like Dominion Road, Point Chevalier, Kingsland, Avondale and so on have their own special character.

It’s a pity that those buildings, areas and their associated characters are disappearing fast before our eyes and often not missed before they are actually gone - but then it’s too late.

Point in case; I refer to two articles in the New Zealand Herald and one in Art New Zealand. (Click on the links at the bottom)

They are about legalised wanton vandalism where local authorities, instead of offering a lead and create the mechanism to prevent such things from happening, seem to dither by bowing to greed and avarice. They were in such a hurry to take down the building referred to in the first link, that some beautiful furniture was actually left in the house when they moved in the machinery.

Here is an other act of vandalism being planned.

This series is printed on Stonehenge warm white, 245 grammes with Charbonnel  Ivory Black. All image sizes are 110 x 113 mm, all paper sizes are 190 x 190 mm.

All images copyright © to acw ten broek