On the move ....again

By the time I was 43 I lived and worked as a child and as an adult, sometimes as it happened and sometimes by choice in 5 complete different corners of the world including 9 major moves in 22 different addresses. Now for the last 19 years we lived in only one house in one place in one country, that’s too much. Imagine another 38 years on the same spot.

My wife came from Wales as a young teen-ager “as it happened”. People move across the globe for all sorts of reasons.

After having been In New Zealand for well over 30 years both of us would like to see and feel more of the world we came from even though its fabric would have changed a lot. The cold war was still raging, a holiday could be as much as packing up the back of your cycle and go to a far flung place all of a 60 km away. Never mind a spot of surfing in Mauritius.

We have been back to Europe a few times over the years and every time leaving it was hard – as no doubt it will be just as hard to leave our present shores. So now we would like to spend some time there and see what and how it unfolds.

Here some pictures of the last 20 years in Waimauku and the jobs to do, before all can be put in a container and send overseas.