Kumeu a&p show march 2007

Kumeu A&P show is an annual event held early March. This year we went to have a look on the Saturday afternoon. It’s a huge venue and there is lots and lots to see and do. So this year we gave the animals a miss as well as the horses and the dog training and the sheep shearing and the Scottish dancing and  and ....and. Yes we could have spent two days easy. However this year just a bit of a relaxed walkabout and some time spent at the wood chopping event.

That is very, very serious. Total concentration. And not just to avoid all sorts of steel flying about and honed to such an edge, that if it should by chance pass though your neck, your head would still be on your torso wondering what happened. E.g. the saws get oiled and oiled again with a small brush and all its teeth checked over and over. The fingers stroke the blade with more sensitivity than possibly accorded to the loves of their live. And kept in the sun to warm up and then covered to stop getting to warm and so on. An axe is not just an axe. Never.

Anyway, it was a great and yet very relaxed atmosphere and enjoyable afternoon.

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